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Ya Rafi'ü Calligraphy Crochet Tableau

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Cusan Yenier

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Product Information

Ya Rafi'ü calligraphy crochet tableau was designed and produced by Cuşan Yenier. The name Ya Rafi'ü means the elevator and the elevation. It refers to the elevation of human from science to knowledge and wisdom, from intelligence to sensitivity. Each elevation and the abandoned lower stage represents the death of our personality in the lower stage. Then, we may descend to the lower stage and gently say the words "Yes you are me, but I am not you anymore!" to the one playing that role and terminate the domination of that role in our life. We may both save it from a mode of existence which it actually does not like and approve, and provide our self the opportunity to elevate further. The most significant obstacle in the abandonment of that role, in other words the ex - personality is the unawareness regarding the existence of an upper stage and lack of research and understanding. It is obligatory to teach a believer with regards to something he is not aware of. One who learns about something he was not aware of is obliged to learn, however, he undertakes another responsibility: practice what he learned. One who practices what he learned fulfils that responsibility, but undertakes another one, which is to transfer his experience to others. At least to constitute an example for the others

Material: Beige crochet fabric, brown frame

Dimensions: Height 28, width 32 cm.
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  • Ya Rafi'ü Calligraphy Crochet Tableau
  • Ya Rafi'ü Calligraphy Crochet Tableau
  • Ya Rafi'ü Calligraphy Crochet Tableau

Cusan Yenier

The artist prefers to produce lacework which has a particular theme, rather than the geometrical and ornamented products. The artist particularly works on writing the beautiful words of EL ESMA Û’L HUSNÂ on lace, and bringing an explanation regarding these words.  

Cusan Yenier

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