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Turkish Pillow

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Ayfer Kalsın

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Artist Ayfer Kalsın has brought the traditional Turkish pillows with lacework, cotton and linen to our homes with a modernized design.

Material: linen, lacework Dimensions: 44x44 cm.
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  • Turkish Pillow
  • Turkish Pillow
  • Turkish Pillow

Ayfer Kalsın

The artist who was born in Muş in 1965 graduated from Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramics and Glass, and took her master degree in Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramics and Glass in 1993. Works of the artist are found within special collections and owned by various institutions. 

2008 Arnavutköy Art Gallery, İstanbul
2007 "Sen Bana Paralel" EgeArt- AKM -İzmir
2006 Contemporary İstanbul - Galeri A,İstanbul
2006 "Coal Heaven" Galeri A, İstanbul
2006 - “Timeless Spaces/ Spaceless Times” Galeri A, Teşvikiye, İstanbul
2005 - “Timeless Spaces/ Spaceless Times” dank! Port art Gallery Mayadrom Uptown İst.
1997 - Mesaj II Library of Women’s Masterpieces, İstanbul
1991 - Mesaj I Britzer Garten, Orangerie, Berlin, Germany
1989 - Santa Art Gallery, İstanbul

1993 – Contemporary Artists-14. İst. Yard. Exh. Jury’s Special Award
1991 – “İsmail Hakkı Oygar” Ceramics Exh., First Prize
1988 – TKGTV Competitive Ceramics Exhibition, First Prize
1988 – Serpocam Competitive Ceramics Exhibition, Jury’s Special Award

2008 My Name is Apel', Galeri Apel, Tobacco Depot, İstanbul
2007 Plastic Arts Exhibition,Riga,Latvia
2007 ODTÜ Art Festival, Ankara
2006 Tulip-state of Time, Galeri Apel, Darphane-i Amire, İstanbul
2006 – Cat Hill Art Gallery, London
2005 - 30x30 Abney Hall, London
2004 - Art İstanbul, Lebriz-com, İstanbul
2004 - Art İstanbul, Port art Gallery, İstanbul
2004 – Soil and Fibre, Galeri Apel, İstanbul
2003 – Empathy-less, Galeri X, İstanbul
2003 - Cold, Santa Maria Church, İstanbul
2003 - Window, VII Art Gallery, İstanbul
2002 - I.A.C , Contemporary Balkans Ceramics Exhibition, Athens, Greece
2002 - Project:Atak, UPSD Art Centre, İstanbul
2001 - Harvest, Galeri Apel, İstanbul
2001 – Personal Traces, State Art and Sculpture Museum, İstanbul
2000 - Art-Kart, Galeri Apel, İstanbul
2000 - Park Exhibition, Marcus Garvey Park, New York, ABD
2000 - Corridor, Turkish-American Federation, Galeri X, New York, ABD
2000 - 5.Cairo International Ceramics Biennale, Cairo, Egypt
1999 - Typology, Galeri Apel, İstanbul
1998 – Contemporary Artists – 19. Exhibition, Sea Museum Art Gallery, İstanbul
1997 - Contemporary Artists – 18. Exhibition, Atatürk Cultural Centre, İstanbul
1995 – From 70’ies to Present Ceramics Exhibition
1995 - Modern Coffee Ceramics 95, Museum of Turk-Islam Masterpieces, İstanbul
1994 - Tulip Mania, Ceramics Exhibition, Franz Hals Museum, Holland
1993 – Contemporary Artists – 14. İstanbul Exhibition, State Art and Sculpture Museum, İstanbul
1992 – Exhibition of Compliment for Füreya Koral, Maçka Art Gallery, İstanbul
1992 – Exhibition of Modern Turkish Ceramics, State Art and Sculpture Museum, İstanbul

Ayfer Kalsın

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