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Rumi Patterned Turquoise Nicea Porcelain Plate

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İbrahim Kuşlu

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Rumi Patterned TurquoiseNicea Porcelain Plate is designed and hand made by İbrahim Kuşlu, one of the renowned master glazed tile artists. The artist utilizes the quartz the way it was done in the 16th century and creates special and universal products combining the past with todays modern life. İbrahim Kuşlu generally chooses to incorporate tulip, clove, hyacinth and rose designs in his glazed tiles. 

Material: The ceramic dough prepared by mixing the ground natural quartz crystals (62%) with clay and glass powder is hand shaped. An undercoat of 70*80% quartz is applied to the product. It is hand painted and decorated with traditional 15th and 16th century Iznik (Nicea) themes and fired at 950 degrees in a special furnace. After that the product is covered with a layer of glaze and baked at 910 C in the kiln.

Dimension: Diameter: 18 cm.

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  • Rumi Patterned Turquoise Nicea Porcelain Plate
  • Rumi Patterned Turquoise Nicea Porcelain Plate

İbrahim Kuşlu

İbrahim Kuşlu was born in Eskicuma. He started to work in a ceramics workshop after he emigrated from Bulgaria to Turkey. İbrahim Kuşlu worked with Turgut Tuna for about 10 years and learned the profession from him. İbrahim Kuşlu opened his own workshop in 2000, he worked very hard for two years to find his own style and create new designs. İbrahim Kuşlu, a glazed tile artist in Bursa is reproducing samples of glazed tiles spanning from the time of the Byzantine Empire to the Seljuk era, considered by many to be the best period of glazed tile design, and he is displaying select samples of his work in Bursa's İznik district for those interested. In addition to making tiles for major companies in Turkey, he also produces glazed tiles for businesses abroad. One of his customers from New York proposed him to attend an exhibition in New York. Art lovers admired his unique collection from Seljuk, early-Ottoman and mid-Ottoman era. Kuşlu aims to preserve the art of glazed tiles for coming generations. Kuşlu generally chooses to incorporate tulip, clove, hyacinth and rose designs in his glazed tiles. İbrahim Kuşlu is making a special production for Paşabahçe boutique shops and famous food writers in Turkey.

İbrahim Kuşlu

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