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Tarık Cengiz - Picture Tailor

Like any other child I learned to look at colors and objects before learning how to read and write!!!

Going through all the magazines, pictures and colorful articles was very much of a high interest. Even when I grew up and learned how to read and write! Nothing has changed much as it is still my priority interest.

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words" which is for me 100% true. Sometimes a picture, a drawing or a photo can impress you for a while and can move your inspiration. This is exactly what happened to me and that's how I started collecting pictures, articles and magazines.

After a while I started to transform the objects that I kept with love and collected over the years into different platforms, creating unique collages escorted by the sound of the scissors. A beautiful melody that move me on to be more creative.

I am a "Picture Tailor® " I cut, I reshape and transform those items into new unique designs.©

Your World is My Dream

Wishing to contribute to your world...

Tarık Cengiz - Picture Tailor

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