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Pan Flute Playing Girl Tragacanth Doll

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Selma Kadriye Yurtlu

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Pan Flute Playing Girl Gum Tragacanth Doll is designed by Selma Kadriye Yurtlu inspired by a miniature of Levni and is hand made. Levni who lived in 18th century is the most famous miniature artist of Tulip Era.

Material: The doll made using tragacanth and cotton, with its natural clothes and accessories are passe partout and framed

Dimensions: Frame: Length 25, width 25, depth 4,5 cm, Inside: length 23, width 23 cm.

Tragacanth: It's the juice of geven otu (astragalus) that grows in Southern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions. Due to its strong adhesive property it is used in doll and marbling art.
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  • Pan Flute Playing Girl Tragacanth Doll
  • Pan Flute Playing Girl Tragacanth Doll
  • Pan Flute Playing Girl Tragacanth Doll
  • Pan Flute Playing Girl Tragacanth Doll

Selma Kadriye Yurtlu

The artist working on tracagant doll since 1991 in Istanbul Sanatlar Bazaar, took ornamentation and miniature courses between 1994-2000 in Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, History of Medicine Deontology Department. She has been awarded the second prize in 1997 in National Doll Competition organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. She worked as the educator of art of folkloric doll manufacture for 10 months in "Education of Entrepreneur Artist in Traditional Turkish Ornamentation and Hand Craft Areas" financed by EU in 2005.  She took painting lessons from Ebulfez Ferecoğlu and manufactured 70 cm long thread puppets representing various artists to support the art of puppetry.

Selma Kadriye Yurtlu

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