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Palmyra Design aims to serve as a sustainable economic model that can fill this void and help refugee women regularly contribute financially to their families. Workshops are conducted with the assistance of local and foreign designers. These are followed by various training sessions and seminars in business management and sales-marketing. Their aim is to strengthen women's understanding of these areas and to ensure the sustainability of the established business model.

AnArt and TPAF run the model designed to guarantee displaced Syrian women a sustainable income Palmyra Design project at Small Projects Istanbul community center where it has initiated. The workshops, training sessions and seminars for 32 displaced women are conducted at SPI community center. SPI supports families and children coming from Syria with educational activities designed to help them be successful and build a better future in both Turkey and other countries. The education and activities provided at the center are highly important for the future of Syria. With the income attained by means of the Palmyra Design Project, women are helping build a better future for their children and trying to support them on this journey.

Through Palmyra Design project, woman also get help in accessing sources of income in Istanbul and in earning a livelihood. The products made in periodic workshops held by the famous designers Claire Burkert and Susie Vickery are sold in both local and foreign markets. New workshops led by local and foreign designers will be held and the products made in the project will become diversified and grow in number.


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