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Mardin Stone Icon - Small

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Kadri Başçı

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Product Information

Mardin Stone Icon is carved from Mardin stone by artisan Kadri Basci. The unique Mardin stone is one of the symbols of Mardin, the cradle of civilizations, the antique city of 8000 years. It is the natural Mardin stone kept the authentic buildings and the beautiful carvings alive until now.
Mardin stone is exquisite with its strength, durability, easy-to-process and insulation characteristics. Due to its feature it is applied easily on the doors, windows, arches and other basic components of the buildings with a wide range of beautiful patterns. Mardin stone is soft and has honey color when extracted from the quarry.
Materİal: Mardin stone 
Dimension: 5x7cm.

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  • Mardin Stone Icon - Small
  • Mardin Stone Icon - Small
  • Mardin Stone Icon - Small
  • Mardin Stone Icon - Small

Kadri Başçı

Wood carving artisan Kadri Basci living in Mardin, has started wood carving after the 1995 economic crisis when he had to close his shop. This crisis had opened him the doors to do wood carving a dream of his childhood.

Kadri Basci is inspired from mythology, ancient religions and nature. When he holds the wood piece in his hand each time it is another journey for him. He uses 95 percent walnut tree. Old poplar pieces and olive wood is also among his favorites.

Kadri Başçı

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