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Mara Gülerşen

The artist who was born in 1965 in İstanbul started her jewellery design career with belt designs.

The artist who received training in Müfide Çalık workshop, Nüans art workshop and Meercat art

workshop for long years and held many exhibitions founded a company named Scorpio Aks in

1994 and made jewellery designs for the well-known brands such as Vakko, Beymen and Polo.

Artist, who started to give lectures in ceramics at schools in the year 2000, founded her own

workshop in Etiler in 2007 and realized several voluntary Works in certain educational institutions.

Recently, she designed a wallboard and gave it to Ortaköy Tabernacle as a gift. According to the

artist; “art is the communication of what is inside with mud, colours and words”.

Mara Gülerşen

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