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Iznik Ceramic Bowl with Artichoke Pattern

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Zeynep Tişkaya

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Iznik Ceramic bowl with artichoke pattern was specially designed and hand-made by Zeynep Tişkaya. A distinguished porcelain group known as Damascus Works in the 16th century Ottoman Ceramics differ from the others in terms of both the colours and patterns. In these porcelains, turquoise and cobalt colours were used instead of red. The patterns comprise small pomegranates and artichoke.

Material: it consists of porcelain mud, quartz which is a semi-precious mineral (80*85%) and a mixture of clay and glaze. These forms shaped are fired in 1000-1040 degrees and become ready for dying. The patterns are dyed by means of "sıraltı" technique and placed in the oven for the second time after being vitrified. With the effect of the high temperature, the glaze melts and transforms into glass.

Dimensions: Height 8, diameter 16 cm.

It is convenient for dry food and hand wash is recommended.
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  • Iznik Ceramic Bowl with Artichoke Pattern
  • Iznik Ceramic Bowl with Artichoke Pattern
  • Iznik Ceramic Bowl with Artichoke Pattern

Zeynep Tişkaya

Zeynep Tişkaya has graduated from Anadolu University Kütahya Vocational School Ceramics Department. She worked in several workshops in Kütahya during her studentship and afterwards. At the university, she made special design ceramic studies with her professor Faruk Şahin. The artist who graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Sculpture Department in 1999 submitted her thesis of 18th Century Kütahya Ceramics and Ceramics of Galata Surp Krikor Lusavoria Church to the History Department of the same university. She opened her first boutique store in 2005 in Çengelhan Rahmi M.Koç Museum in Ankara. Having participated in 3 personal and 3 collective exhibitions, the artist provided training in her work shop to those who wanted to learn the art of ceramics. The artist who used classical materials along with her ceramic products intended for daily use, settled in İstanbul in 2012. She continues to her works and provides private lessons in her workshop in Galata.

Zeynep Tişkaya

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