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Sivas horn comb which is among the most significant handicrafts of Sivas is made from ram, cow and cattle horn. The horns are dried for a while, thoroughly cleaned and heated on the fireplace. 

The horn which is heated on the fireplace under the supervision of the master is then flattened. Then, it is roughly cut, depending on the shape of the comb to be made. After that, the horn which is smoothened is again heated on the fireplace and a second flattening is made. The smoothened bone is shaped by the help of the emery stone and becomes ready for opening threads. The threaded material is subject to thin emery and is grated. The edges of the threads are filed and sharpened. Finally, the horn is polished and becomes ready to use.

In recent years, alternative products are produced such as bone hairpin, envelope opener and pendant, along with the horn comb. 

Our horn comb artists are Fatma Ayran and İhsan Kutluca.

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