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Hagia Sophia by Night from Fatima's Hand (Hamsa) Ottoman Miniature

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Taner Alakuş Miniature Gallery

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Product Information

Hagia Sophia by Night from Fatima's Hand Ottoman Miniature is the original designs of Taner Alakuş Miniature Workshop. It is done by using 24 carat gold and acrylic paint on sized paper.

Dimensions: Frame Width: 34.5 cm, Length 41 cm Miniature Width: 19 cm, Length: 25 cm

Fatima's Hand: Hz. Fatima who is a model for Muslims with her modest life, for whom Hz Muhammed has stated "part of my body, light of my life, my heart, soul and conscience" and who continued his lineage, has a special value for Alevies, and a particular place in their beliefs. From Anatolia to India it is believed that "Fatima's Hand" protects of the evil. Daughter of Hz. Muhammed, Hz. Fatima at the sight of his husband, Hz Ali with a young and beautiful handmaiden, dips her hand with confusion inside the halva she cooked and begins to mix it. When her husband notices the situation, takes her hand out of the pot. Fatima's hand becomes an amulet thought to bring luck to its owner and provide patience and fidelity virtues. Even though this object is generally known as "Fatima's Hand", Arabs call it "Hamse's Hand". Hamse means five and shows the finger number of a hand. Hindus call it "Humsa's Hand", and Hebrews call it "Hameş's Hand" or "Miryam's Hand". In some cultures it's found as the hand facing downwards and in others facing upwards. It's stated that 5 fingers in Fatima's Hand represent the 5 members of lineage, Hz. Muhammed Hz. Fatima Hz. Ali Hz. Hasan and Hz. Huseyin.
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  • Hagia Sophia by Night from Fatima's Hand (Hamsa) Ottoman Miniature
  • Hagia Sophia by Night from Fatima's Hand (Hamsa) Ottoman Miniature

Taner Alakuş Miniature Gallery

Taner Alakuş Miniature Gallery has opened its doors in 2010 next to Kariye Museum by  the miniature artist Taner Alakuş.  At the gallery workshops are organizing and  works of miniature artists trained by Taner Alakuş are exhibited. 

Taner Alakuş Miniature Gallery

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