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Silver Fusion Glass Evil Eye Letter Opener

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Designed by Be.St.

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Product Information

Silver Fusion Glass Evil Eye Letter Opener is designed and hand manufactured with the Anatolian silvercrafting tradition without any use of dies, molds or presses by  Designed by Be. St. The fused glass evil eye charm at the end of the letter opener is an unique design made from hand cut coloured Schott Glass elements mounted on top of each other and baked in a special oven for 14 hours at 800 degrees. This evil eye charm is an actual witness of a continuing adventure started in 4000 B.C. in Mesopotamia and Egypt still honoured today as the cradle of glass processing.
All along the history of humanity, in every culture and religious belief, the eye symbol was accepted as a powerful talisman protecting the person from evil. Glass beads with eye symbols, have been accepted and used by various civilisations in Anatolia as protectors against the evil eye. The blue bead holds a very special standing in the historic Turkish populations whose main cult was the belief in the God of Heaven. The Turkish and Mongol peoples gave various names to the evil eye bead as munjuk, monjuk or monchok. The belief in the holiness of the blue color derives from the fact of the sky being blue.
Material: 925 carat silver, glass
Dimensions: length 17cm, diameter 4 cm.
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  • Silver Fusion Glass Evil Eye Letter Opener
  • Silver Fusion Glass Evil Eye Letter Opener
  • Silver Fusion Glass Evil Eye Letter Opener

Designed by Be.St.

Designed by Be.St brand represents the unique style of the designer as a result of a long period of restoration and decoration experience and the deep research on the Ottoman patterns. Her fine style has been seen at all decorative objects and silver and gem jewellery of the collection.
All products at the collection are a result of excellent hand craft and technique. 
Designed by Be.St.

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