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"El-Hay" Calligraphy Crochet Tableau

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Cusan Yenier

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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"El-Hay" calligraphy crochet tableau was designed and produced by the artist Cuşan Yenier. EL-HAY is the eternal and absolute life giver. Along with the physical life, God gives the inwardly dead ones the spiritual life (EN’ÂM:122). "Haya" which is the transfiguration of the word "Hay" in humans means "manners". The sense of embarrassment and feeling ashamed is called as "Haya".
There is a difference between the word life and its synonym spirit. The spirit is the quintessence of life. As referred in Qur'an, Allah blew the human from the spirit. As it does not exist in other living things, this spirit is not something that makes the human alive, it is rather an essence which provides "will, reason and conscience". Life and death are the first manifestations of God's testing. Those who do not believe in the after-life shall be rolled into the void of nullity (Nihilism) (CASİYE:24)
"If they had thought, they would know that the life in this world is temporary and nothing but a game. And there is the next world, which is the genuine one: wish they at least knew this" (ANKEBUT:64)
"Ahiret" (after-life) is the most important manifestation of God's name of "Hay". The real death is not being detached from life, but being detached from reality.

Material: white crochet fabric, brown frame.
Dimensions: Height 32, width 24 cm.
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  • "El-Hay" Calligraphy Crochet Tableau
  • "El-Hay" Calligraphy Crochet Tableau

Cusan Yenier

The artist prefers to produce lacework which has a particular theme, rather than the geometrical and ornamented products. The artist particularly works on writing the beautiful words of EL ESMA Û’L HUSNÂ on lace, and bringing an explanation regarding these words.  

Cusan Yenier

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