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Dionysos Silver Necklace

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Seher Yilmaz Celep

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Dionysos necklace produced by Erhani silver technique was designed and hand-made by the artist Seher Celep Yılmaz. One of the twelve gods of Olympus, Dionysos is the son of Zeus and Semele. The legend of origin is; Zeus falls in love with Semele, however his wife Hera is jealous of him. Hera masquerades as an old lady and persuades Semele to ask Zeus to show her his powers. While Zeus shows his powers, Semele burns up and has a miscarriage. Zeus saves the baby and hides it under his calf. The god – Dionysos – comes into the world from the calf of Zeus. He is also known as the god of wine or the god of vintage. His symbol is the tree creeper. He is a supporter of civilization and peace. Erhani silver technique was developed by the artist Erhan Şimşek where primitive processing techniques involving 27 and 07 microns of silver plates, wooden pens, files, scissors, grip and hand tamper are used. Along with arts such as calligraphy and miniature, patterns and icons from the Anatolian civilizations are adapted to silver in a meticulous manner. Both the front and reverse sides of the products are ornamented.
Material: Silver with a fineness of 925, brown leather.
Dimensions: Width 3, length 4 cm, leather length 28 cm.
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  • Dionysos Silver Necklace
  • Dionysos Silver Necklace
  • Dionysos Silver Necklace

Seher Yilmaz Celep

The artist has been working on hand-made art jewellery techniques with her family since the year 2000. After having worked in special jewellery workshops in Beypazarı and Ürgüp, she focused on Erhan-i silver techniques in her hometown, Amasya. The artist who published two books on Erhan-i techniques currently gives lectures at the Public Education Centre.   

Seher Yilmaz Celep

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