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It Is commonly known that the discovery and use of copper for making certain tools and weapons date back to 10 thousand years In Çayönü, Anatolia and that the process of smoothening the metal by heating and making It available for processing - also known as "tavlama" - was first realized In Anatolia. With the Great Seljuk Empire, there has been a significant progress in the Islamic metal arts and cutting edge cup making and processing techniques were applied, as it Is the case for all the art branches of Seljuk Empire. Right after the foundation of the Ottoman Empire, the copper mines in both Anatolia and the Balkans were intensively operated, as a result of which the mining activities climaxed during the Ottoman Empire era. As copper was used for the war Industry, royal mint and for the purpose of meeting the requirements In the social life In the Ottoman Empire, the mineral deposit were continuously operated until the middle of the 19th century. Copper products which were commonly used during the Ottoman Empire period are the results of an extraordinary workmanship. The process of gold-mercury casting of copper and copper alloys which found a profound field of use as the result of mining Is also known as tombaklama. Starting from the Great Seljuk Empire, the Art of Tombaklama was used as a substitute off gold and climaxed In the Ottoman Empire era.              

Tin Is a metal used for casting the metal objects In order to prevent corrosion. Due to the oxidation and poisonous effect of the metal cups used without being tinned, tinning was commonly performed In the period when copper was used as kitchen equipment. 

The common characteristic of the metal products produced In the Ottoman era which stand out with the variety of cup types, rich shapes, unique ornaments and the diversity of the materials used and the techniques Implemented Is the versatility shaped by the different cultures living In a large geographic region. 

Our coppersmith artists are Tacettin Toparlı (Ebu Burak)Selçuk DerinözRozita Kasuto.

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