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Copper Bride Necklace

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Sema Kansu

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Bakır beşi biryerde kolye sanatçı Sema Kansu tarafından tasarlanmış ve elde yapılmıştır. Sanatçının zincir zırh tekniklerini kullanarak tasarladığı beşi biryerde kolye modern ve şık.

Düğünlerde gelinlere takılan en gösterişli takı olan beşi bir yerdenin aslı 5 adet Reşat altınıdır.

Copper bride necklace is designed and made by Sema Kansu. The artist is using armor chain techniques for her unique and modern designs.

The actual bride necklace has 5 pieces of gold coin and it is the most luxurious jewelry given to the bride at the wedding ceremonies.

Material: Copper wire and copper sheet

Dimensions: Length 25 cm.

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  • Copper Bride Necklace
  • Copper Bride Necklace

Sema Kansu

Artist Sema Kansu has started copper wire art in 2000. She is using pure copper wires and copper sheets as the only material for her products. Her inspiration is armor chains and lace works. Other than jewelry she is applying her art to many different decoration objects like table cloths, lambs, mirror frames etc. Sema Kansu is an official artist of the Turkish Republic Cultural Ministry.

Sema Kansu

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