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Wood art is one of the fabulous traditional arts of Anatolia. The master pieces of wood art are seen especially at the ornamentation of the architectural buildings during the Ottoman period.

During the Seljuk period mostly Rumi patterns, double headed eager which was the sign of the Seljuk Empire and dragon patterns were used. XV. century early Ottoman period was inspired by the Seljuks a lot and by using different materials like mother of pearl, tortoise shell, ivory magnificient art pieces were done.

During the XV. century, mostly flower patterns and geometric motifs were used. Ivory and mother of pearl were started to be used at Quran covers and reading desks at XVII. century.

Ottoman wood art was influenced by baroque and rokoko style during the XVIII. century. Mainly linden, oak, walnut, apple, pear, cedar, rose and ebony trees were used for wood art. Amazing door and window ornamentations, consoles, column headings, closets, boxes, Quran covers, reading desks, pulpits were were done. Today few artisans continue to perform wood art.

You can find beautiful wood art examples of artisan Kadri Başçı at our web site.

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