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Çintemani patterned Caftan Ottoman Miniature

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Taner Alakuş Miniature Gallery

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Çintemani patterned caftan Ottoman miniature is a Taner Alakuş Miniature Workshop original design. Çintemani patterns on caftan on the miniature manufactured on the 220 years old Ottoman handprint paper are prepared using 24 carat gold. This far east origin design is found in Ottoman Culture after the conquest of Tabriz in 1514 by Selim the 1st. This design that consists of three spheres, one on the top and other two on bottom, resembles a triangle sometimes consists of three spheres nested within the other. This design found in the coins of Timur is considered to be symbol for power, strength and sovereignty.

Dimensions: Frame width: 57 cm, Length: 81 cm Miniature width: 32 cm, Length: 50 cm
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  • Çintemani patterned Caftan Ottoman Miniature
  • Çintemani patterned Caftan Ottoman Miniature
  • Çintemani patterned Caftan Ottoman Miniature

Taner Alakuş Miniature Gallery

Taner Alakuş Miniature Gallery has opened its doors in 2010 next to Kariye Museum by  the miniature artist Taner Alakuş.  At the gallery workshops are organizing and  works of miniature artists trained by Taner Alakuş are exhibited. 

Taner Alakuş Miniature Gallery

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