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Çintemani Patterned Caftan Illumination

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Elif Göker

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Caftan was designed on a beige surface and "çintamani" pattern was used. The spots took their original colours by means of being mixed with Carmen which is also known as illumination red and black. They are then filled with the dripping technique. The waves were also filed with the same technique with the original form of bedahşi dark blue. The spots were illuminated with golden clouds and these clouds were contoured with black. 24 carat gold was used for the whole of the interlining of the caftan and the clouds in the spots.

Dimensions: Caftan was designed as 15 x 12 cm on 21×30 cm paper.

Çintemani in Persian language is also known as çintamani, spot, panther spot, three balls and pelenk. The two wavy shape aligning together resemble the tiger or panther skin. This ornament which originates from the Middle Asia was used for the handicrafts such as tile, fabric and carpet after the 16th century. It is also commonly used for caftans due its the tiger skin look.

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  • Çintemani Patterned Caftan Illumination
  • Çintemani Patterned Caftan Illumination

Elif Göker

The artist graduated from Black sea Technical University Faculty of Traditional Handicrafts in 2007. She worked as an apprentice in Topkapı Palace Directorate of Relievo and Monuments. During her university education, she received miniature lessons from Berrin Çakin. She has been working in a state school as a Technology and Design instructor since the year 2008.   

 The artist who aims at combining classical illumination with modern lines continues to her works with Funda Göker in their workshop in Sultanahmet, İstanbul. 

Elif Göker

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