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Byzantine Helios Ceramic Bowl

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Adil Can Nursan Sanat Atölyesi

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Byzantine Helios ceramic bowl is made with Sgrafitto (undercoat scraping) technique by Adil Can - Nursan Art Work Shop, and is unique and signed. Byzantine ceramics act as a bridge between Muslim and European ceramics between 9th and 15th centuries. These are red paste and white clay undercoat, olive green and yellow glazed ceramics manufactured with single color and multi color effusion, undercoat decoration, undercoat scraping (Sgrafitto) techniques. Especially weeping bird figure is widely seen.

Material: Ceramic concave plate manufactured with Sgrafitto technique is decorated by scraping the white undercoat coated over red ceramicist clay. It's cooked in 900 degrees with green, yellow and brown glazes.

Dimensions: Height 5, diameter 13.5 cm.
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  • Byzantine Helios Ceramic Bowl
  • Byzantine Helios Ceramic Bowl
  • Byzantine Helios Ceramic Bowl

Adil Can Nursan Sanat Atölyesi

Adil Can-Nursan Art Work Shop is scientifically manufacturing traditional Anatolian ceramics both to transmit classical model to future generations and to bring Anatolian ceramics to light. Artists, interpreting characteristics and decorations of the era of every civilization meticulously and using the philosophy of the said era, complete all the phases from lathe to ovendrying in the workshop. Adil Can Güven who was born in Inegöl in 1953, is the nephew of figurine artist and ceramist Abdurrahman Özer, a member of a family continuing the tradition of mentor-protege system. He started ceramics education in 1970, completed apprenticeship under great mentors in ceramic centers such as Kütahya, Çan, Çanakkale where he learned from this mentors. He started his academic carrier in 1995 in Iznik Vocational High School. In 1998 he moved his workshop from Inegöl to Iznik. And still with the support of his wife Mrs Nursan, they continue to produce all the Anatolian ceramics using traditional materials and equipments. For 25 years in the workshop they founded with Mrs Nursan, they prepare glazed basins manufactured since 5000 B.C, Greek ceramics with reduction (red and black figures), white clayed Roman relief ceramics, Byzantine and Seljuk sgrafitto (undercoat scraping technique) ceramics, slip (undercoat decoration technique) style ceramics, colored glazed black decorated Seljuk and Ottoman ceramics, blue white ceramics of Beyliks Period , Çanakkale ceramics, 18th century ceramics and with the raw material they gathered from Iznik 15-16-17th centuries Iznik ceramics. The couple, with various collective and personal exhibitions, also prepare their own designs with the same techniques and philosophy. Their products are considered to be work of art by Ministry of Culture.

Adil Can Nursan Sanat Atölyesi

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