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Angel - Rainbow Large

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Yasemin Aslan Bakiri

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This product is uniquely designed and handcrafted by the artist. Upon order same model can be reproduced.
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Glass rainbow large sized lustered angel is designed and hand made by the artist, Yasemin Aslan Bakiri. Hot glass is shaped by liquid casting.

Dimensions: Width 8, Length 13,5 cm, thickness 2 cm.
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  • Angel - Rainbow Large
  • Angel - Rainbow Large
  • Angel - Rainbow Large
  • Angel - Rainbow Large

Yasemin Aslan Bakiri

Yasemin Aslan Bakiri graduated from Academy of Fine Arts at Mimar Sinan University, with a BFA degree in Ceramics and Glass, 1988.

She received a Certificate in Communication Studies and CAM diploma from The London Institute, London College of Printing and Distributive Trades, 1992.

The artist continued her studies in England at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design University College, specializing in 3Dimensional Design,in Glass, 1995.

She has worked with various international artists such as Annette Meech, Christopher Williams, David Taylor,Fleur Tookey. Since 1986, her work has been featured in exhibitions art events and held in the museum ,private collections  worldwide.

She is a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts in glass department and Industrial design department at Anadolu University.  She runs a Glass Art center called ‘Camhane’, a historical building in Balat, İstanbul, and continues to work from her studio .

She specializes in sand- cast glass techniques using ideas relating to the natural world, nature as a theme for her plainness and dynamism… In her work she uses timeless simplicity to provoke a powerful sensation of colour and movement. She is interested purely in the spontaneous reactions of the glass, using different materials in her works, wires and hand-woven metal meshes.

The artist rendors the juxtaposition of the cold, hard nature of metal with the

transparent, breakable and sensitive characteristics of glass.  She successfully interprets

the splendour of the Ottoman Empire in contemporary forms to portray the fluidity and  purity of glass and her metal-weaving technique.

The “Glass Kaftans”  are contemporary sculptures to historical  references in our minds .

They create an unparalleled visual game in our minds through the force of timeless mediums of glass and metal.

Aslan Bakiri’s  glass sculptures are made from layers of hot glass formed manually .She works spontaneously to create the forms before giving the glass the chance to cool.

She says ”The universe is so endless that is not possible to interpret it - just like glass; I love glass .  I  keep on discovering what a versatile and interesting material it is. Glass when sculptured presents  itSTANBULself  in the most beautiful yet subtle forms of ray”

Latest Selected Exhibitions

2012                “Guardian Angels”,Macka Modern, Design Biennial, ISTANBUL

2012                “Imperfection Perfected”, Design Biennial , ISTANBUL

2012                 “Turkish Modern Art” Grosvenor Gallery,  LONDON

2011                        “Glass Symposium” Bienale, Contemporary Art in Glass, LUXEMBOURG

2010 “17 th Sofa Chicago” Turkish Cultural Foundation, CHICAGO

2009                        “Contemporary Istanbul” Art Fair, ISTANBUL

2009                        “Glass From Turkey”   Rihimaki Glass  Museum, FINLAND

2009                        “Yaratıcılıgın Prizmaları”   Antik Otel, ISTANBUL

2008                        “My name is  Apel”   Tabaco Depo, ISTANBUL

2006                        “ Glass”   Cat Hill Gallery, LONDON

2005                        “TR-anslated Worlds”   Abney Hall, LONDON

2005                        “Camda Sanatsal Yansimalar"   Dolmabahce Palace, ISTANBUL

2005                        “ II. Bienal Internacional Del Mosaico Contemporaneo” , ARJANTIN

2000                        “Corridor”   Asia Minor Gallery, NYC, NEW YORK             

2000                        “X-treme X-teriors”   Marcus Garvey Park, NYC, NEW YORK

Yasemin Aslan Bakiri

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